Automated plants
The mix of know-how gained over the years has allowed Sitec since 2008, to search and offer his Customers integrated solutions for their products and their manufacturing process. More and more market has addressed Sistec to adapt to the several requests of its old and new Customers, in order to present itself as the only actor for the conception, design and development of complete automated process plants. The integration of the manufacturing process by means of a single well-established and expert Company, allows in fact to obtain a better final product at a lower cost. Sistec has already taken up the challenge for what in the jargon is called INDUSTRY 4.0.
The following are just some of the main process plants built by SISTEC.

Experience in the sheet metal bending has allowed Sistec to develop an integrated process for manufacturing a product such as a fire door, which includes process equipment with very low cycle times and complex logistics. The process involves cutting, punching and bending the metal sheets. The pieces are then sent to a gluing station where the insulation is attached and, by means of a second robotized system, coupled to a centering station, they are picked up again and pressed closed, using a mold assembled on a second press brake. The sheets that can be processed measure between 1,500 to 3,000 mm in width with a pitch of 1 mm: the versatility required is therefore very high with the management of the single batch. The plant is managed by a supervisor software who coordinates the entire process of realization of the door, starting from the production order passing through the automatic format changes and reaching the palletized finished product.

All experiences gained in this field over the years has allowed Sistec to design and develop an integrated process for manufacturing a product such as an awning. The plant manufactures the semi-finished products which are then sewn to become the finished product. The process starts from the spool warehouse, with advanced management of the defect management and fabric length rotation parameters. The next step involves the transversal blade cut and longitudinal laser cut, which is followed by the collection, rolling and binding of the batch of pieces making up the awning. Finally, after sewing, the fabric is cut to size using multi-blades while lasers cut the gableboard, ensuring control over its shape and design.

Among the various manufacturing processes created, an example is installed in the plant of a manufacturer that makes metal boxes and stainless steel accessories for the hospital sector, where a combined laser punching machine, panelling machine, a press brake, a robotized laser welding cell and a sheet metal and semi-finished product warehouse was commissioned.

Sistec designed and realized a very special and unique plant, with the possibility of the “batch 1” produce flat bended panel and curved and bended panels. The maximum dimension of the panels is 6000x2000mm, the processing starts from the raw sheet metal and after being cut from a laser machine, handled, bended and rolled in a calander machine, they become final product. The system is completely automated with a parametric software for the programming of the whole line and with a supervisor that manage the input phase and reports.

Sistec realized this manufacturing plant for the processing of the aluminum and copper. Plant is made from 2 areas, one of them, by starting from aluminum coil, punch, bend and weld product that will become the external cover of the bus bar. The second area, starting from the copper bars, cut, drill, bend and weld the collectors, all the process is automated and operators is demanded only to feed system with raw material and unload full pallet of final product. Systems are completely supervised in order to monitor and manage by means of HMI interfaces (Human Machine Interface).

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