Sistec AM design, develop and manufacture robotized bending cells that allow to reach high quality standards and provide a high production efficiency. The systems are customized on the actual needs of Customer, thus reducing at the least cycle time of pieces more frequently bent, providing parametric programs for products that are made in different sizes, ensuring minimum setup and adding programming software offline for users which have great variable batches.

The bending systems of Sistec AM:

  • Lend themselves to being incorporated into flexible production lines;
  • They are able to produce the right amount of products, at the right time, focusing on value-added operations;
  • They allow to minimize WIP (work-in-progressmaterial), costs due to the immobilization of stocks of raw materials and semi-finished products, rejects, inefficiencies, delivery lead times.
  • Sistec bending systems are composed of multiple stations/units.
  • All components are designed to be installed on any brand and model of press brake, new or used, provided that it is equipped with CNC.
  • The modular system guarantees compatibility even with presses already installed.

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