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The fourth edition of the “Sistec Walking Tour” was held on Friday 11th September.

This year more than ever, it was a unique opportunity to get together and share a day of outdoor activities.

The chosen path to “Pizzoc” mount (1565 m), allowed us to enjoy the beauty of the “Cansiglio” landscape: the views from the top, the unspoiled nature in an atmosphere of serenity and conviviality. The bravest faced the final climb to the peak. The high-altitude difference put someone in difficulty, but the cohesion of our group allowed us to reach the peak all together.

This historical phase, marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, has put us to the test, both as a company and as individuals, but it has also led us to strengthen internal relationships even more, creating a climate of cohesion that we ensure will never get lost.

The day ended as usual with the “Churrascata” in Sistec. This year, in compliance with the anti-gathering rules and in respect for the people we care about, we preferred not to involve families, confident of being able to see us all together again when the emergency is over.

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