To ensure an automated processing system for an optimal process profitability, it is fundamental that it be equipped with appropriate and effective software tools.

The off-line bend programming software is a simulation software that allows to program automatically the bending process. Once the drawing has been imported (dxf format) with the description of the part and bends, it is possible to define the bend sequence, the press tools, the most suitable gripper to complete the process and to get from the software the trajectories that will be execute from robot for real. The trajectories are then converted into a robot program by including various signals for the press and other automation for all devices of the work-cell.

The software ensures the possibility to program the machine remotely whilst the machinery is operating, in order to minimise down time periods.

Sistec AM can also offer off-line software for palletizing, loading/unloading laser and an offline software used to programme sorting systems robots.

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