Customized design
Our outcomes are the results of an attentive study of Customer's need and its manufacturing process. Following some examples of processes/products designed and developed.
On the left side a picture of an innovative system for the handling of a dual-laser system of an embroidery machine designed and build from Sistec.

Sistec has designed and built an innovative plant for motion handling of a dual-laser system for embroidery machines. The realization commissioned by GMI Srl, important company in the field of laser processing of fabrics, has been especially challenging for the mechanical dimensioning of the system. A pilot scheme of the Double laser has already had its company debut at the International Exhibition of Textile Machinery.

Process control, included the development of the project for control of polymeric products hot pressed. The starting point is represented by the acquisition of theoretical knowledge on optical systems scan and processing of models for the simulation of defects; we then proceeded to the development of a prototype plant for the experimental testing of the model. The issues addressed have been numerous. In general through this project have been addressed developed and tuned modality of molecular investigations on products complex thermoplastic polymers, the methodologies of detection process variables in the field of thermoplastic, the modalities of processing these simulations, development of compatible software with different programming languages, the treatment of data with the management of large databases, the ratings for identify statistical control more effective in relation to a defined threshold error.

The cooling of food fluids, has included the development of the project for the cooling of food masses with gas in counter flow. It was necessary to acquire theoretical knowledge on thermodynamics of gas in motion and develop models for turbulent process simulation, then it was able to develop a prototype system for the experimental verification of the model. Have been addressed and developed the methodologies of chemical analysis on organic products; the means of identifying the process variables in the food field, the development of simulations for chemical transformations and thermodynamic, the developments of software compatible with various programming languages, the processing of data with the management of large databases, the ratings for identify the transducers measuring these variables, the definition of statistical control more effective in relation to a defined threshold error. The first prototype it was designed for the cooling of the must for wine production and it carried out the experiment.

Another innovative special system entirely designed by us is the “5 ROLLS FEEDING”. Such system has been designed with the goal to arrange a “warehouse” of 5 rolls maximum, in order to feed the cutting system with a variable number from 1 up to 5 carpets, simultaneously. The system is made by: handling load, center unit, frame, linear axes, basement + ribbon + rollers, return group. Processing cycle is made by the phases of: loading and unloading. During the loading cycle the operator, greatly assisted from the automation of the system, is able to load rolls simultaneously, up to 5. The next step is obviously the real processing which is the cutting of the textile. Once textile is cut, the system is able to bring back the rolls on the loading lift and get back to the initial conditions.

Sistec carried out a study and analysis, that become a design and realization of innovative solutions for the laser cut of technical textile and related intelligent control systems. In particular we studied and developed new solutions for a high speed laser cut system of different types of technical textiles, with different shapes and dimensions (e.g. variable sides) which are able to overtake limitations part of the traditional cutting technologies. We studied innovative solutions that allow to reach a very competitive cutting speed, by means of simultaneous use of more optics and only one source. These optics follow some optimized paths thank to an innovative control SW. Very important is the necessity to solve the problem of “outlines” by means of laser modulation that, depends from the thickness and material, compensate the typical semi-cone shape upset, and the possibility to get other elaborate shapes, impossible to get with traditional blades.

The costant rise of productivity demands that the current manufacturing industry need processing on more shifts and even with shifts in absence of operators; Laser cutting machines, both with the traditional CO2 and the more recent fibre technology, belong to those cutting process which better match with the automated loading and unloading systems. If then, as more often happening on the production departments, there is the common issue of limited room, the solution of the tower is the more appropriate and convenient. The main feature of the tower is that it is lifted upon the laser, there is no need of extra-room. Recently Sistec developed a loading / unloading portal system for laser cutting machine with fibre technology for a high-tech Customer manufacturing Vitreous Enamel Panel. In particular the system is able to process sheet metal pieces measuring 6000x2000 and thick up to 2mm. The loading/unloading system represent the initial part of a line completely automated managed by parametric software and supervisor systems; such line will produce curved and bended cladding panel.

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