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Industry 4.0

The gained knowledge allows Sistec to offer Customers integrated solutions for every need of industrial automation.


The twenty-year experience of Sistec in the PET field allows to offer a solid competence and expertise for the realization of new products in the global market.


SISTEC develops and manufactures automated robotic manufacturing processes, managed by one or more cooperating robots.


Sistec has developed and produced a range of machines that make up a complete line for the manufacturing of expanded polystyrene (EPS).


SISTEC has developed a series of innovative solutions for the places of cutting the leather, technical articles, plastic and composite materials.


SISTEC over the years has technically structured itself for the development and construction of special facilities and equipment.

We Are ISO Certified

Sistec has obtained ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for quality management certification from SGS Italia Systems & Services Certification: it therefore operates in accordance with the most strict laws and standards in effect in the automation business. Sistec has begun the iter to get safety (OHSAS 18001) and environmental (ISO 14001) certificates.

Design And Advancement

SISTEC is able to support its clients by giving an entire assignment, passing by all steps: the acquisition of know-how, the research, the development of a technique or a product, in addition we give a complete and included service. SISTEC has initiated a support Activity to organizations who do not have an internal improvement and / or study workshop, with the possibility of supplying, starting from the customer idea, all levels.

Plants And Automation

SISTEC designs and produces machines and special installations in numerous industries with a specialization in particular in the study of products and techniques for plastic materials processing. Particularly, machines and plants for processing PET, EPS and leather material. The typical innovation or innovative application is the method advancement of the processing of plastic materials, or the creation of targeted automations to enhance products and industrial processes.

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Mission: Be a company of excellence that aims to create SYNERGIES with its clients to obtain INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS through research and TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT.

The ten-year experience of Sistec allows to offer a solid competence and expertise for the realization of new products in the global market. Sistec is able to offer the whole chain of developing: from the feasibility study till the design and realization of prototype with its validation.

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