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Our integrated quality and environment policy is online!

Our integrated quality and environment policy is online!

Sistec S.r.l. is a company specializing in designing, manufacturing and supplying systems, equipment and machinery for the automation of industrial processes.

Sistec operates in a complex, highly specialized market, providing high-performance, top-quality, innovative products and designing innovative solutions through its R&D department, which can successfully identify, meet and anticipate customers’ specific requirements.

In line with Sistec’s operating context, the company’s Management has laid down a corporate Policy that supports its strategic objectives. Sistec’s Management and employees play an active, conscious role in supporting this Policy with a view to pursuing continuous improvement objectives, and also share a commitment to accomplishing continuous improvement aimed at enhancing know-how, research and development.

Sistec’s Management endorses the commitments listed in this Policy and together with its employees acknowledges the importance of values associated to quality, the environment, and respect for and preservation of the health of Sistec’s employees and any third parties interacting with the company.

This policy sets out the commitments undertaken by Sistec’s Management and is enforced and ensured through the joint engagement of Sistec’s human resources and the regular establishment of corporate objectives for quality and environmental management systems. These shared objectives are clear, measurable and attainable, and are systematically monitored, updated and reviewed by Sistec’s Management in order to optimize performance and achieve continuous improvement.

This Policy is designed to be the expression of Sistec’s cultural and engineering identity and therefore considers its operating context, the parties involved and their requirements and expectations, as well as its corporate processes as dynamic and interconnected elements. It also defines, maps and manages risks and opportunities rigorously and accurately, and subsequently implements actions necessary for eliminating and/or reducing risks and, at the same time, seizes opportunities in terms of continuous improvement throughout the company.

The management systems to which this Policy refers monitor compliance of the Systems with the norms, applicable laws and other requirements endorsed, which are important for safeguarding the quality of the products and services provided as well as for environmental purposes and manage any deviations through suitable corrective actions.

Sistec schedules and implements training and professional development programmes for its employees, at all corporate levels, with a view to preventing non-conformities, spreading a culture of quality, sustainability and environmental protection and ensuring that employees have the necessary skills and expertise for achieving personal and corporate success.

Considering the two specific systems, Sistec undertakes a commitment to maintain a Corporate Quality System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and to support and monitor its performance by:

  • focusing on increased customer satisfaction;
  • valuing the expectations and requirements of Customers and Parties involved in general, endeavouring as much as possible to translate them into requisites to be met;
  • involving Suppliers and Customers in the process for the ongoing improvement of products and services.

Sistec undertakes a commitment to maintain a corporate Environmental System compliant with UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and to support and monitor its performance by:

– adhering to applicable laws and requirements endorsed;

– improving its environmental performance. This is done by:

  • involving employees and raising their awareness of environmental protection issues;
  • raising the awareness of the parties involved regarding environmental issues;
  • preferring suppliers that can provide services as much as possible compliant with Sistec’s environmental management system;
  • opting as much as possible for recovery rather than disposal activities, as well as energy saving initiatives;
  • disseminating the principles of environmental sustainability to suppliers, customers and parties that are relevant for Sistec’s environmental management system;
  • defining environmental objectives that take into consideration the context and the environmental impact of the activities carried out.


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