Since : 2017

Since : 2018


SISTEC is able to support its customers by providing an entire project, passing by all steps: the acquisition of knowledge, the design, the development of a process or a product, moreover we provide a complete and integrated service.

SISTEC has initiated a service Activity to companies who do not have an in house development and / or research workshop, with the possibility of providing, starting from the customer idea, all stages:

  • The feasibility study
  • The project
  • The realization
  • The implementation.

SISTEC design and develops machines and special installations in various sectors with a specialization in particular for the study of products and processes of plastic materials processing. In particular, machines and plants for processing PET, EPS and leather.

The typical innovation or innovative application is the process improvement in the processing of plastic materials, or the development of specific automations to improve products and industrial processes.

SISTEC also in the field of special systems and robotics is able to build plants for assembling, palletizing, turnkey systems for robotic sheet metal bending.

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