01 Giu


This is a plant for the production of doors with high flexibility and the management of the single lot. The plant is controlled by a supervisor who coordinates the entire implementation process of the door.

This type of system fits the needs of the customer as the answer to Lean Production that is the most current form of production of Japanese origin, that uses the tools of total quality and the “just in time” where complexity itself is a cost.

This is in contrast to the very high production machines where the object is’ to produce the highest in the shortest possible time using very high lots of production.

This leads to a reduction of complexity in the production, made more flexible, resulting in optimum utilization of facilities, reducing the time of storage in warehouses, drastic reduction of design errors and streamlining of supply.

Since Lean Production is based on a tight integration of manufacturing with other business functions and greater attention to the needs of consumers, it constitute an unavoidable choice for any company that tends to total quality.

Display here: INTEGRATED PRODUCTION OF DOORS June 2010(Flexible Production Line for Fire-Doors)